IB at 23rd International Conference on Engineering Technology and Innovation

ICE IEEEM ITM 2017 Conference, Funchal

Ana Durán assisted to the last Workshop of SONNETS Project, that has been in the 23rd ICE IEEE ITM 2017 Conference in Funchal, Madeira. After this WS, SONNETS will deliver an innovative methodological framework to accelerate the transformation of the public sector through the identification and analysis of emerging technologies that hold the potential to transform the public sector into a technology leader and innovation booster.

There were organized 23 Workshops in the event, all focussing in the analysis of tendencies of innovation in technology and engineering processes.

I want to know more about SONNETS SW

01_SONNETS Contributing to reshape and reform the public sector
02_SONNETS_Major societal challenges and needs of the Public Sector
03_SONNETS_Identifying emerging ICTs and their innovation potential for the Public Sector
04_SONNETS research directions Pathing the way for a transformed Public Sector


WORKSHOP in Germany

This workshop has a strong focus around emerging ICTs and trends and aims to identify research and other activities necessary to use these technologies to meet urgent societal and public-sector needs. Methodologically the workshop has used creative and participative methods, like a wireless polling system or small world café discussions, to be able to best use the different background, experiences and ideas of the participants for our aim to outline the necessary steps to implement emerging ICTs in the public sector.

As an expert in the issues addressed by the SONNETS project, IB participation in the workshop is highly valued and our opinion is important to the discussions on the project outcomes and the process of shaping the future of the public sector.

STARTUP OLÉ IB participation

IB SPEAKER in Salamanca

Startup Olé connects startups and tech/digital talent with corporates, investors, accelerators, universities and media from all over Europe. With the large range of key ecosystem players present, opportunities arise that don’t exist in any other event.

IB asserts that Startup Olé helps you to attract and enhance participation in large consortia and startup support projects at European level (such as the ones under the Startup Europe initiative), as well as inform you about the best practices and help you find the break you need for your situation.

More info visit Startup Olé


WORKSHOP in Athens

Six barriers to the adoption of new eHealth solutions and strategies to overcome them.

As an expert in public-private partnerships for the improvement of innovative solutions, Innobooster was invited to Athens workshop. The workshop approached the problematic of innovative solutions made by SMEs for public entities using different perspectives for different sectors.

You can listen to IB´s lecture:


Interview by Silvia Rodríguez, editor of AECS to Ana Durán, CEO of Innobooster

Silvia Rodríguez: The title of your paper is “Research, Innovation and Investment: Three are multitude?” These three concepts should not, do not or cannot go together?

Ana Durán: It is important to clarify the concepts before entering into discussion:

  • Research is the empirical advancement of science, acquiring knowledge and generating new services, products and processes. We are talking about inventions and discoveries.
  • Innovation consists of bringing closer these leads into society. It is about applying and adapting the technology of scientific advancements to make products more personalized to their respective markets.
  • Investment is the fuel needed for this to happen, the resources needed to carry out the project (HHRR, Material Resources, Economic Resources (Public or Private)).

Ideally, these concepts must be connected together to obtain progress in our society. Why? If there is no discovery, there is no progress; if there is not market approach, the product will be useless and if there is no investment of resources, the project gets paralyzed.

SR: Where has telemedicine had the greatest impact?

AD: Currently, telemedicine development has three types of solutions:

  • Diagnostic solutions
  • Patient monitoring or monitoring solutions
  • Organizational management solutions and Big Data

SR: Are there any weak points for telemedicine? If so, what alternatives exist for improvement?

AD: The only weakness for me is that it does not facilitate human treatment, otherwise everything is advantage; solutions are oriented to generate more accurate and personalized diagnostics; Definitively more successful thanks to better data access, increased security and eliminating human mistakes. Patients are experimenting better treatments and services. Ehealth solutions should make life easier for patients, doctors and hospital managers.

SR: Can we define technology diagnosis as perfectly accurate?

AD: It certainly must be, since it prevents human error, automates processes and establishes decision rules based on results that have been objectively tested. Any possibility for human mistakes disappears.

SR: Why would you recommend assisting to the I International Congress of Telemedicine and Health Research?

AD: Telemedicine is a science that has a long way to go; it is exciting to discover current trends and improvements. I have seen in the agenda people with great backgrounds who are going to participate in this event and personally, I am curious to listen to them and looking forward to exchange opinions. It is a great honor to be part of Jaime del Barrio’s roundtable.

Acción social Innobooster


Innobooster promotes the charity party for Caritas

Innobooster has had a strong corporate social responsibility since its creation, helping charities such as the 400+ people event that was organized and promoted on Saturday, April 9, 2016. The benefits collected were entirely donated to Caritas. There were several celebrities and even singers and musicians like Paulo Wilson or Manuel Gómez who performed free of charge in the concert to support the cause.


Interview with Sarah Harmon, CEO of Linkedin, and Ana Durán CEO of Innobooster

Sarah defends the significant importance of innovation in companies for their survival, not only at a technological level but also at a business model level. Taking advantage of innovation’s convergence, like it is the case with Cloud computing, SaaS, Distributing Computing, accelerates the development of start-ups.

The interview closes giving us the key insights to create an innovative culture within our company:

  • Employees acting like the owners
  • Let employees take reasonable risks
  • Do not punish failure
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