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Nowadays, it is very easy to do Networking in an event or a social network, barriers disappear and companies have access to millions of potential contacts, in many different ways. The challenge is not to get new contacts but to get the right contacts.

This is why NETWORKBOOSTER® goes one step further and focuses precisely on the new challenge of our times. We have overdose of information and contacts, how do we filter?

The mapping facilitates the participants to optimize their contacts; it facilitates only the contacts with the participants with whom they have synergies. The optimization is to promote contact EXCLUSIVELY between entities that do have synergies, counting with input from all participants.

Do you manage a complex ecosystem with specific objectives and want to dynamize and optimize it?

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FIRST APPLICATION of Networkbooster®

Ecosystem of technological entrepreneurship



Incubators, universities and other startups hubs realize that their companies do not reach maturity; they do not become relevant companies in their sector. The main cause is the lack of access to the appropriate stakeholders.

These stakeholders are: private investors, potential clients, mentors, companies that are complementary with their solutions, skilled workforce with an entrepreneurial character…



Each company needs a specific type of investor, specific profiles for recruiting, a specific type of client for each maturity phase… their needs are specific, and so are the needs of these stakeholders in the ecosystem of technological entrepreneurship.



With a well-designed actions road map that includes: data collection, analysis of Big Data, parameterization, attraction of people and key entities, workshops… and Networkbooster®, we can optimize this ecosystem.


Networkbooster® has other applications…
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